Joining the club

What is a Beginner?

Beginners are those who have had no training in the Martial Arts. In particular Kyokushinkai Karate.

Karate can be both a sport and philosophy. For most it is a mixture of the two. How much of a sport or philosophy is entirely up to the individual.

Whatever you are looking for as a beginner, Kyokusinkai Karate will improve your fitness and competance to deal with obstacles both within and outside the dojo (training hall).

If you need further information, visit the club (see 'Training Times') or contact us by phone, email or Facebook.

Joining The West Hill Karate Kyokushinkai Club

Joining as a beginner is an easy business. Just come along to a training session (see 'Training Times') or contact us by phone (07813630671), email ( or Facebook.

During your first session potential students are given some training and a lot of input about what they can expect and where the training will lead them.

Watching a session may be allowed, (at the discretion of the Instructor) and we encourage parents to watch there children train, especially at beginner level.

Other Styles

Visitors from other styles are welcome to train with us at any time. However, if you wish to join our club and if you have already done some training with another style of karate or have trained with Kyokushinkai before (maybe had an extensive break) and therefore do not consider yourself a beginner - please read below.

If you wish to train with us on a reasonably permanent basis, but do not consider yourself a beginner at karate then it is vital that you talk to the Chief Instrutor at the club. Generally, all previous grades and acheivements, from whatever style, are recognised. But this will not be a British Karate Kyokushinkai grade etc. unless awarded by a Grading Instructor recognised by the B.K.K.

For the majority, it is better to train for a few weeks and then accept a temporary grade from the instructors that best suits a level from which you can make sound progress within the club and its grading system. This could mean dropping a few grades or staying at the level already acheived.

At an appropriate time, you may take a B.K.K. Grading and this will give you a seperate Kyokushin Grade that is in addition to any you already have.