Senpai Damian Chan (1st Dan)

Sempai Damian Chan started training in 1984, as a junior at the West Hill Club, (then the Hastings and Bexhill Juniors).

The instructors at the time were sempai's Jim Elvery and John Simms.

Damian took the opportunity to train with Hanshi Steve Arneil at the Hastings and Bexhill club when he could and took all of his gradings except his 2nd kyu with Hanshi as the grading instructor.

By 1991 Damian had achieved his 2nd kyu at the age of 15. It took another 6 years to achieve his Shodan grade on a hot summers day in 1991.

As a junior Damian enjoyed some success in competition when he came third in the regional wuko competition In the same year he came third in the national competition.

Damian was a key member in junior team events and was instumental in making the West Hill Junior Team, a 'Team to Beat'.

In 1992 he went on to represent England in the junior team against Wales.

The most recent competition that Damian fought in was the knockdown at Crystal Palace in 1999.

Damian took a break from training for about 9 months to concentrate on a new job and returned to training in February of 2001.

Damian has trained for many years since the age of 7 and he feels that the training has helped him stay disciplined in the outlook that he has on his life.